VAS Valuation Group adds new Knowledge Hub educational videos

16th November 2023

VAS Valuation Group has added six new videos to its Knowledge Hub programme as the business actively responds to market questions submitted by brokers and lenders.

For VAS Panel, Stephen Todd, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder addresses new-build premiums, confusion about HMOs, and the location of a valuer relating to a property address while Andrew Murdoch, Valuation Panel Director tackles reinstatement costs and comparables.

VAS Assurance videos, led by Daniel Owen-Parr, Managing Director look into why live auditing can help with the readdress of a valuation report and the overall benefits of valuation auditing.

Knowledge Hub is a growing library of short one-to-two-minute videos answering the most common valuation questions posed to the business by brokers and lenders through their Contact Us website page and LinkedIn profile.

Having launched at the end of August, the programme now features almost 20 videos with more in the pipeline. Other videos include ‘What are the different bases of valuations frequently requested’, ‘Why does each quote need property specific information’ and Why do valuers want to limit their liability.

Stephen said: “I said at the outset that our aim is to create a goto place where anyone can learn more about the property market and understand valuations better and the level of interest, both in terms of viewer numbers and submitted questions, shows that we’ve tapped into huge demand.

“Education really is the key to understanding how valuations sit so importantly within the financial chain and how, with a bit more knowledge, brokers and lenders can make this important step in the process a more seamless and rewarding experience.”