VAS Panel backs specialist finance market with guaranteed fee scale

19th June 2023

VAS Panel has taken an industry lead on price transparency with a new guaranteed fee scale for valuations of standard residential properties with an estimated value of up to £2,000,000.


The move, a first in the specialist finance market, offers short-form templates from £265 (excluding VAT)for single houses, single flats, and single buy-to-lets in England assuming market rent and rental comparables are provided. The property must be in mortgageable condition with a kitchen and bathroom.

The benefits of a guaranteed fee scale for lenders and brokers include instant instructions with no waiting for quotes, consistent and transparent pricing for applicants and a shortened timescale of the valuation process, which in turn speeds-up time-to-cash.

VAS Panel will provide the service through its full valuation panel management system comprising over 500 plus residential valuers across the country, this ensures the most relevant companies are instructed based on location, deal type and value.

To instantly instruct lenders simply have to state this requirement on VAS Panel’s quotation form along with the fee provided to their client in the additional comments box on the quotation form.


Stephen Todd, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder said: “Have no doubts, for the specialist finance industry this is a real game-changer.

“VAS Panel has always had a fee scale however this had to be treated as a guide as we did not know which valuers would accept specialist finance work, that is until now.”

“A guaranteed service can only be delivered with the right quality and spread of first-class residential valuers, which we now possess, and an in-house quality control system that ensures every report meets our highest requirements, both of these we have achieved.”

“Approximately 50% of our quotes and instructions are classified as residential properties so for us this is a huge move, but more importantly for lenders, brokers and their clients it offers a guaranteed price at the start of the valuations process while also delivering faster reports and ultimately a quicker drawdown.