Applicant Payment Terms



By paying the fee requested by this invoice and/or otherwise indicating your acceptance to the following terms and conditions, you hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:

  1. We, VPanel Limited, are engaged by your prospective lender to procure a valuation service from a third-party valuation company on their behalf (and as their agent);
  2. The fee requested by this invoice is the fee arising out of the aforementioned service which you are paying on behalf of your prospective lender;
  3. We do not act for or provide any goods or services to or for you in connection with this invoice or any payment thereunder and, accordingly, owe you no obligations or duty of care in respect thereof;
  4. In paying the fee requested by this invoice, this does not result in any contractual arrangement or relationship between you and us (or any third party);
  5. In paying the fee requested by this invoice, please note that, in accordance with VPanel Limited’s contract with your prospective lender, all the fee that payable is non-refundable or returnable to you or any third party in any circumstance save for in the absolute and sole discretion of VPanel Limited and subject always to VPanel Limited being able to always retain an amount equal to all third party costs, fees and expenses incurred or to be incurred by VAS Panel and an abort fee (of such an amount to be determined by VAS Panel in its absolute and sole discretion); and
  6. You have no right to ownership of, or any intellectual property rights in, the deliverables or other outcomes of the services to which this invoice (and fee thereunder) relates including, without limitation, any resulting valuation report.


VPanel Limited